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"...lambasted the politicians in their own den" - The Canberra Times.

One memorable Taking Liberties Theatre Company exploit was the piracy/smuggling of the explosive political-current affairs satire Thatís Twice into Australia's Parliament House for its world premiere. Many politicians were scandalised at the portrayal of themselves - yet Parliamentary and media workers in the precinct laughed their heads off (more).

Taking Liberties Theatre Company's more workaday existence consists of bringing theatre to non-theatregoing audiences. Completely unsubsidised, it has survived by playing in the signature "stand-up comedy" style developed by Artistic Director Gunduz Kalic and through extensively touring its own original creations and the adapted works of Shakespeare and other classic playwrights. across regional and outback Australia.  The company has played across regional, suburban and outback Australia for an audience which does not normally go to theatre, making pubs, licensed clubs and workplaces its venues. By so doing, it follows in the popular theatrical tradition of Garcia Lorca, Theatre Workshop and Dario Fo (see also Patron Saints).

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