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Who is GJ Kalic anyway?

From left, Steve Hyde, Mick Earnshaw, Gunduz Kalic and Heather Johansen outside Parliament House, Canberra after the world premiere of That's Twice, by Michael Earnshaw and GJ Kalic.

That's Twice

That's Twice is a play about a group of politicians so overcome with honesty that they sentence themselves to prison. From their new home, they embark on a vast restructuring of their nation to in order to make it accord with further inspired visions. That's Twice is political theatre in the form of stand-up comedy combined with rap music. The show is updated nightly and revised regularly to reflect changing political developments and the coming and going of politicians. See also Script Excerpts-That'sTwice. aaaaaaaaa



In Gulls the lives of a community of fringe dwellers - a small group of human seagulls - and larger forces of structure and order collide. The show is a presented in a poignant, feeling mode yet is detached, with the narrative being continually interrupted by reflective songs performed by singer-songwriter Andrea Farmer. See also Script Excerpts-Gulls.

Above, Andrea Farmer. Above right, Andrea Farmer and Heather Johansen in Gulls, devised by GJ Kalic and the company..

Taming of the shrew

The Taking Liberties version of Shakespeare's Taming of the shrew sheds new light on the joys and battles inherent in that ageold ritual, the mating game. A common reaction of audience-members is, "it's the first time I've ever understood Shakespeare". Staged in a boxing ring the show is performed stand-up comedy style, with songs interspersed throughout. The show is abridged for three players (one of whom plays many parts) and shortened to about one and one half hours. Taming of the shrew was the subject of an SBS-TV Imagine segment, which highlighted the remarkable, almost Elizabethan audience participation generated by the show. See also Script Excerpts-Taming of the shrew. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

From left, Steve Hyde, Mick Earnshaw and Heather Johansen in Taming of the shrew, adapted from Shakespeare by GJ Kalic..From left, Steve Hyde, Mick Earnshaw and Heather Johansen. From left, Steve Hyde, Mick Earnshaw and Heather Johansen.


Globetrotters Theatre Restaurants

The Taking Liberties Globetrotters Theatre Restaurants are total environment theatre restaurants. In other words, show venues are completely transformed through our unique themed sets and settings. Thus according to the theme, audiences are transported "around the world" to India, France, South America and so on, with food to match. Devised by GJ Kalic and the company, the shows are popular theatre for today, being full of audience participation, repartee and ribaldry - and an exquisite sense of heightened atmosphere. Globetrotters Theatre Restaurants can be played in Taking Liberties' venues or brought to your club/auditorium/hotel location.

Arrividerci Mama

Donna Hickey as Mama with from left, Ian McNish, Steve Hyde and Mick Earnshaw

In Arrividerci Mama, Mama becomes the new "Godmother" after losing her dear husband, the Godfather. She takes over the helm of the mob in hilariously randy fashion.

Folti Towirs Bombay

"Macca" Folti, Vietnam vet and ex-panel beater, is disillusioned with life in Australia and establishes a restaurant in Bombay with a "standard of service, personal charisma and style that leaves Basil Fawlty in the shade. However, the Indians have not survived 200 years of British rule without having a few tricks up their sleeves and their dealings with their Australian boss lead to outrageous comic consequences".

Top and bottom, Mick Earnshaw as "Macca" Folti, Australian expatriate in Bombay and restaurant proprietor.


Carnivale is the Taking Liberties "south of the border" theme theatre restaurant, featuring banditos, senoritas and much manana.

From left, Margaret Marchant and Steve Hyde.

and still more Globetrotters Theatre - Restaurants

On the Wallaby

L'escargot a go go

Tents of Azam

International evening

Stick' em up


Above, Taking Liberties players (all in second row) with happy audience members of L'escargot a go go.Taking Liberties players (all in second row) with happy audience members.Taking Liberties players (all in second row) with happy audience members.

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