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Who is GJ Kalic anyway?
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Professor Kalic’s adaptations of Hamlet, Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors for Full Tilt Theatre Company, which he founded in 2004 and led as artistic director, have been enthusiastically received by audiences in the UK, Canada and the United States.

Previously Co-Director of East 15 Acting School/Artistic Director of the Corbett Theatre, Kalic has been a leading trainer of stage professionals (including a number of stars and many journeymen and women) for the UK and Dutch stage and screen. He was also a pioneer of Theatre as Education in Australia. The Australian Theatre As Education Project, which he founded and led, performed for and workshopped with tens of thousands of schoolchildren and their parents across outback and provincial Australia. Brisbane based Taking Liberties Theatre Company, which Kalic founded and served as Artistic Director, specialised in bringing theatre as popular entertainment to non-theatregoing audiences and in performing political theatre at such venues as Australia’s Parliament House.

Kalic was Head of and Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Artistic Director of Territory North Theatre Company at (now) Charles Darwin University, Australia, a visiting professor at Simon Fraser University, Canada and a regular guest director at the Toneel Academie in Maastrict, Holland. In Turkey, he was a founder member of the Ankara Arts Theatre and performed with Ulvi Uraz.

Updated November 2009

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