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Heather Johansen is an associate director of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a theatre director, an Acting and Voice and Movement instructor, a lead player, a singer/ musician and a dialogue-writer, a fundraiser extraordinaire…and a TESOL english language educator. 

Ian McNish is manager-dramaturg-spokesman of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a writer and a player.

Steve Hyde is an associate director and sales and booking manager of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a lead player and singer/musician…and a computer technician.

Donna Hickey is publicist of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a lead player…and a market researcher.

Betsie Lamers is technical director of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a player and set designer...and a jill of all trades.

Dennis Byrne is musical director of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, a singer-musician and player…and a retail entrepreneur.

Tim Marchant is a player, a playwright…and a computer operator.

Tina Burrows is treasurer of Taking Liberties Theatre Company…and a motelier.

Maggie Marchant is a player and singer…and a shop-owner.

Ted Gray is a player, a lighting expert and a writer…and warehouse manager of a luxury furniture concern.

Nicholas Dale is a player…and a tertiary lecturer in multi-media.

Georgina Robertson is a player, a musician…and a state school teacher.

Steve Burrows is a set designer and an artist, a furniture designer and furniture maker, and a builder.

Rebecca Byrne is a costume designer, a player…and an entrepreneur, owning several shops specialising in street fashion.

Lucinda Whitford is a player…and a marketer.

Rachel Burlinson is a player and singer/musician…and a nurse.

Andrea Farmer is a singer/songwriter…and a state school teacher.

Mark Robertson is a lighting expert and stagehand…and a consultant electronics engineer.

Narelle McNish is a show-salesperson,  a player…and the manager of a recreational vehicle rental business.

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