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Change the product, not the public, AFR, July 3/2000. Read

Arts need to create fiscal reality, AFR, August 25/99. Read

Let the Arts perform with a GST, AFR, March 31/99. Read

Stabilising arts funding, AFR, April 4/97. Read

Facing Up to a Dominant QPAT, Courier Mail, March 18/97. Read

New dictators, same old arty facts, AFR, January 16/97. Read

Arts debate needs spark, AFR, December 6/96. Read

Expensive festival flops, AFR, October 4/96. Read

Cut the subsidies and revive the arts, AFR, Aug 19/96. Read

Arts soft target for cuts, AFR, June 17/96. Read

Let audiences dispense the subsidies, AFR, April 19/96. Read

Nothing artful about package, AFR, February 27/96. Read

Silence of the art lambs, AFR, February 14/96. Read

Anthology of Fab 4, Courier Mail, November 25/95. Read

Australian art world in grip of grant dependency, AFR, September 14/95. Read

Sugar Daddy is ruining the arts, Courier Mail, August 29/95. Read

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